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It is illegal to purchase fireworks if you are under 18 years of age. The SAFE Firework Company will always ask for proof of age and reserve the right to decline your trade.

Through our friends at EMAS (Euromedical Ambulance Services) we can offer you full medical attendance, with or without an ambulance at very competitive rates, interested? Simply tick the box on the enquiry form.

For our firework displays a standard level of Public Liabilty Insurance cover will be included in your quote from The SAFE Firework Company, however, if you require a specific level, please state your requirements in the additional information field when sending your request.

All of our team have been trained to a high standard by credible training modules within the fireworks industry.

Please, whether using us or another company to fire your display for you, or especially if you are intending to fire your own show – always follow The Firework Code, a copy of which is available from your local Trading Standards office or follow this link: It really does safe lives & vastly reduces the risk of receiving some hideous injuries.
We are called The SAFE Firework Company, it is The Company that is safe – fireworks are always to be considered dangerous & can be unpredictable.