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So, why do we need all this info on the enquiry form?

Your name, email & phone number are required so that we can send you a written quotation and that we have a contact for event planning. Your budget only needs to be approximate & is in no way binding. However, it indicates what sort of display you are looking for – e.g £500 might imply a small wedding function or large garden party, £5000 on the other hand might indicate a Corporate Event, perhaps for 500 or more spectators on a larger area using bigger Cat 4 material. The venue name & post code are required so that we can contact them to ensure that they are agreeable to hosting firework displays, also that their grounds are suitable for such.

Subject to your booking confirmation, we will carry out a site visit & a full risk assessment including a look at the surrounding area, to ensure that there are no local hazards that may otherwise perhaps have been overlooked – airfields for example. Before all this, we need to check your proposed date to ensure that we are available to undertake your display. We hope this helps a little.

We have always fulfilled displays for various Charity Organisations, because lets face it, a professional Firework Display does not come cheap these days. This is why we offer discounts for Registered Charities, so that more of the proceeds can be used to do commendable work. So if you are a charity & you are planning an event, please remember to add your Registered Charity Number to the bottom of the enquiry form.



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Disclaimer: The SAFE Firework Company will not pass on your details to any other party, in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.